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The Terrell Rifle and Pistol Club is a private member’s-only club near Terrell, Texas.
We are not open to the general public. That said, we do offer a number of regular matches and shoots that are open to the public. Check out this website and our events calendar for opportunities.

Membership in the club is limited. New members must be sponsored by a current member and will typically spend a couple of years on the waiting list before being offered a membership. Members can put someone on the waiting list by clicking HERE.

Sep 7 2017

Remaining 2017 Schedules

We are excited to announce the smallbore silhouette and CMP Games rifle match schedules for the remainder of 2017. We encourage you to try these challenging and fun events.

Silhouette (rifle and pistol), start at 1:30 PM
Sept 9, Sept 23, Oct 28, Nov 25, Dec 9
For more information see our Silhouette page.

CMP Games (as-issued rifle), start at 9:00 AM
Sept 23, Oct 28, Nov 25
For more information see our CMP Games As-Issued rifle page.


Jun 24 2017

Summer CMP Games

The Terrell Rifle and Pistol Club is pleased to announce our summer CMP Games rifle match schedule. As in previous years, the fourth Saturdays of May, June, and August (skipping July) are our CMP Games days, with the As-Issued Military matches in the morning and Rimfire Sporter in the afternoon.
As-Issued Military Rifle starts at 0800 and runs 'til 1300 and Rimfire Sporter starts at 1300 and runs until 1500. There will be three relays of As-Issued and one of Rimfire Sporter.
For more information on our As-Issued matches check out the  As-Issued competition page.

For more information on Rimfire Sporter matches go to Rimfire Sporter competition page.

Jun 17 2017

June 2017 | Doubles and 12 Gauge Club Skeet Shoot

On Saturday June 17, 2017, we will be holding a Doubles and 12 Gauge Club Skeet Shoot.  We are hoping the shoot will be a good “Warm Up” for the 2017 State Skeet Championships being held at the end of the month.  Lots of Terrell Club members participating and I would predict with great confidence that many will be in the Winner’s Circle.

See attached flyer for details: 2017 June Doubles & 12 Gauge Club Shoot.pdf

or click to read more:

Apr 6 2017

Silhouette Is Back!

Silhouette has finally returned to the Terrell Rifle and Pistol Club! This time we have a dedicated smallbore silhouette range with target lines at 40, 50, 60, 76, and 100 meters so we can shoot official smallbore rifle and pistol matches.

When the board approved the construction of the new range, it limited use of the range to supervised events only. The range is not open for casual use!

The silhouette range is designed for standard .22 rimfire (.22 short, long, and long rifle) rifles and pistols only. Under no circumstances should anything else, including .22 rimfire magnum, .17 rimfire, or any centerfire be fired on the new range.

Please read the silhouette range rules and guidelines HERE.

The new range is ready and we will be celebrating its opening with a practice session and match in the afternoon of Saturday, April 8, 2017, starting at 1:00 PM. We have rifle and pistol targets (the pistol targets are much bigger than the rifle targets), so bring your .22LR rifles and pistols and join us in dedicated this new, often-requested addition to our extensive venues. The next scheduled event will be Saturday, May 13th at 1:00, with more to follow.

For more information on Silhouette in general and matches in particular, see our Silhouette Competition web page. There you will find information about shooting silhouette, match schedules, and links to other web sites. You will also find a link to an email signup form where you can sign up for High Power rifle, CMP Games, and Silhouette emails.

Mar 4 2017

Results 2017 Spring Warm Up Open Skeet Shoot

We had 29 shooters competing in our annual Spring Warm Up Open Skeet Shoot registered with the National Skeet Shooting Association.  The competition was held on the weekend of March 4, 2017.  The weather was cool, breezy with light rain.  The 12 Gauge Gun Champion was Mike Gerschick posting a score of 98 edging out Runner Up Michael Dennis by just one target.  After lunch, the 20 Gauge Skeet event began.  Lauren Burge was the 20 Gauge Gun Champion posting a score of 99 and there was a four way tie with scores of 98 by Michael Lee, Robert Ellington, Bill McCrary and Tim Cudia for Runner Up.  Michael won the doubles shoot off and the Runner Up title.  The next day, the light rain began with the 28 Gauge event.  The race for Gun Champion ended in three way tie with Michael Lee, Lauren Burge, and Adam Roberts all posting scores of 98.  After a hotly contested miss and out shoot off, Michael Lee emerged as Champion followed by Lauren Burge as Runner Up.    After lunch our final event with the challenging 410 Bore competition began.  Tim Cudia won the Gun Champion slot posting a score of 95 with Austin Rieth only one bird behind winning the Runner Up position.  When the scores were all totalled, the 410 event decided the outcome (as usual).  Tim Cudia was the High Over All Winner with a score of 383x400 just one bird ahead of Runner Up Michael LeeLauren Burge earned both the Junior and Lady Champion titles. 

See attached winners report for additional details: 2017 Spring Warm Up -Winners Summary.pdf

Our Chief Referee Bill McCrary, ably assisted by Art Kirkwood, Mitch Benway, Pat Arrington, Jim Demasters, John Delaloye, Allen and Vickie Cline, Ashley Oldfield, and Bob Manskey, did a super job of keeping things organized and moving ahead smoothly.  Thanks for a job exceptionally well done!  John Delaloye and Jim Demasters also provided great lunches of fried chicken and sub sandwiches with lots of sweets to finish off.  Thanks guys!!

Jan 2 2017

The Sporting Clay Course is Ready!

04 Jan 17 19

The TRPC sporting clay course is ready for everyone to enjoy!!!! All 10 stations are set up and ready to shoot. Transmitters are at each station in the mailbox on the gun racks. Just return the transmitter to the mailbox and close the lid before leaving the station. Every station has its on transmitter. Target cost is $3 for members and $5 for non members per 25 targets. Just put the target fees in the box at the clubhouse. Hope everyone has fun !!!!


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The club offers open shooting to its members in many disciplines as will as organized events for members and the general public. T.R.P.C is unique in the respect that we are one of the few clubs that provides a facility to pursue all disciplines of the shooting sports, Rifle, Handgun, Shotgun and Archery.

Member Owned Members

Owned by its members and governed by elected directors

The club offers open shooting to its members in many disciplines as will as organized events for members and the general public. T.R.P.C. is unique in the respect that we are one of the few clubs that provides a facility to pursue all disciplines of the shooting sports, Rifle, Handgun, Shotgun and Archery.

Director Contacts
Members & Guests Guests

Members are permitted, by the club rules, to bring an individual guest to the club.

Prior to discharging any firearm or otherwise making use of the club facilities a guest must sign an eligibility and release of liability form. The sponsoring club member is also required to sign the same form.

More Member & Guest Information
TRPC-maintenance-icon Members

Maintain your TR&PC Membership.

Members can now change their address, phone number, email address and other membership information, as well as request new membership cards, and request membership renewal packets by completing the Change Of Information form linked below. The form can be filled out electronically in Acrobat, printed, and mailed to the club PO Box listed on the form.

A password is required to open the form - use the 2016 gate code.

Change Of Information PDF Form


Older non-renewed members here is your form:  a password is required to open the form - use the 2015 gate code.

Change Of Information PDF Form
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Handgun License Proficiency Courses.

The Texas license to carry a handgun law requires the applicant to complete a  4 to 6 hour classroom training session and to demonstrate proficiency with a handgun, either a semi auto or a revolver. The handgun must be .32 caliber or larger.

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58-nrifass N.R.A

The National Rifle Assocation’s Education & Training Courses

Whatever your age or level of expertise, whatever type of firearm you’re interested in, NRA’s Education & Training courses can help you.

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Texas Hunter Education TEXAS

Texas Hunter Education Courses

The class includes ethics, safety, hunter’s skills trail, live fire, in-season game emphasis, and multiple-choice exam elements. Successful completion of this course will fulfill the legal requirement for those desiring to hunt in Texas who were born after September 1, 1971, and for those hunting out of state.

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